NEW STC Eliminates AD 2014-15-17
Challenger 600, 601, 602, 604, 605,
650 Series and CRJ (Challenger 300, 350 too)

LoPresti Aviation is the leading provider of high-performance landing, taxi, and recognition lighting. We are excited to announce a new STC'ed product that will eliminate Challenger AD 2014-15-17. 
This STC allows the installation of our BoomBeam HID landing and taxi lights, thus eliminating any time constraints; meanwhile providing an exponential increase in safety, reliability, as well as light output. 
Eliminate light on time limits
  • Increases Safety, See and Be Seen.
  • Produces 1000% More Light, engineered specifically for your aircraft.
  • More closely approximates the color temperature of Natural Daylight.
  • 5 year Parts Warranty, a proven system based on time-tested experience.
  • Reduces Electrical Load and Heat.
  • Decreases AOG Time for lighting issues, no filament to break.
  • Low-Cost Spares Pricing (after warranty period)