LoPresti HID's Nothing Brighter

The brightest safety enhancement for your aircraft. The LoPresti HID BoomBeam lighting systems are the most cost-effective safety enhancement you can purchase for your aircraft. These HID lighting kits allow pilots to see as far as 3500-4500 feet. LoPresti's HID lighting enhances safety by adding a significant increase in range allowing pilots an extra 20 seconds to avoid a possible catastrophe. Keep your passengers, crew, and assets protected with this safety enhancement
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LoPresti HID Lighting Systems
  • Increases Safety, See and Be Seen.
  • Produces 500% More Light, engineered specifically for each model aircraft.
  • More closely approximates the color temperature of Natural Daylight.
  • 5 year/5,000 hr Warranty, proven system based on time-tested experience.
  • Reduces Electrical Load and Heat.
  • Decreases AOG Time for lighting issues, no filament to break.
  • FAA STC and PMA for hundreds of make/models.

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