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Improve Safety - Extend Light Range and Life
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Gulfstream Lighting

Now with ATU Technology.
Now with the next generation ballast design, we have added an ATU circuit to automatically increase the light output of your landing light and keep the electrical load low. 
  • More Light 
  • Long Life
  • No More Melted Lens
  • Increases Safety, See and Be Seen.
  • More closely approximates the color temperature of Natural Daylight.
  • 5 year/5,000 hr Warranty, the proven system based on time-tested experience.
  • Reduces Electrical Load and Heat.
  • Decreases AOG Time for lighting issues, no filament to break.
You can see the difference!  
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Top photo - G450/G-V/G550 landing light - Triple Light Array

Bottom Left - GII/GIII/G-IV landing light - Triple Light Array

Bottom Right - Taxi lights for all.