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10% off all Large Cabin Gulfstream Kits through the month of June 2018!
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LoPresti HID's Nothing Brighter
LoPresti Aviation was the first company to pioneer HID lighting for aviation use many years ago. Even with new technology hitting the industry, LoPresti Aviation still is undoubtingly the brightest landing, taxi, and or recognition lighting solution you can purchase for your aircraft.
Why not LEDs?  It's simple. LEDs don't have the range or output of an HID. Although an LED may seem bright to the human eye, pilots need a different perspective of brightness. A pilot needs to push as much light out in front of the aircraft to see what lies ahead during night operations. Being able to avoid wildlife and other obstacles during night ops significantly increases safety.
Which would you prefer? 300-500 ft of visibility with a LED or 3500-4500 ft. of clarity with a LoPresti HID? 
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